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Duct Tape Marketing – Lessons from America

What does Duct Tape Marketing mean and what relevance is it to me? This short article is designed to introduce the concept of Duct Tape Marketing and to give some practical advice based on the idea. What is Duct Tape Marketing? Duct Tape Marketing is the name of the best-selling small-business-marketing guide from John Jantsch. [...]

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Online Marketing – Getting the basics right

The growth in the use of the Internet in recent years has led to a huge shift in marketing activities to the online space. This article explains some of the key things for you to focus on to help you market effectively online. Secure that domain name early. The natural starting point is the creation [...]

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Marketing Your Internet Business

A website without a marketing plan is as useful as a free phone number that nobody knows about. One of the biggest and most widespread fallacies of the 1995-2000 Internet boom was the idea that a website would or could create business on its own. This outrageous idea was populated by messages such as the [...]

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How to Write a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a core component of a business plan. It relates specifically to the marketing of a particular product or service and it describes: An overall marketing objective A broad marketing strategy The tactical detail related to specific marketing activities The various costs associated with these activities Those tasked with delivering these activities [...]

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Marketing Plan Tables

Even though we agree that marketing plans will vary depending on the exact nature of your plan, it is hard to imagine a marketing plan that doesn’t contain, at the very least, these four essential tables. Usually you’ll have these plus several others. Market Forecast Analyze your market by segments and project market growth for [...]

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