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The Franchise Business Plan

Business planning is very important for all businesses, and franchise businesses are no different. The business planning process helps ensure that sufficient thought is put into all aspects of the franchise. While it is tempting to assume that because a franchise is based on a successful, proven business model, it is guaranteed to deliver results [...]

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Planning in times of uncertainty

Business Planning Tips In the past few weeks we have witnessed a period of unprecedented economic turbulence and instability. Of course this uncertainty is not just affecting us here in the U.K., but in a globalised economy it is affecting people right across the world. Years of consistent economic growth have given way to rising [...]

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The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business

Starting a new business is a very exciting time – however, it is also very challenging. Luckily there is plenty of help at hand for those who are clever enough to look for it. Did I say clever? Yes, I did, because many entrepreneurs charge headlong into their pet projects without giving due consideration to [...]

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The Importance of Planning – Steps to recession-proof your business

Planning to Reduce the Impact There is a lot of uncertainty at the moment (May 6, 2008) with much talk in the media of an ‘impending economic downturn’. While the phrase ‘recession’ seems to be close to many people’s lips, it is being muttered in hushed tones rather than being shouted from the rafters. In [...]

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Why Business Planning Is Not Just for Startups

Small Business Planning One of the greatest misconceptions about business planning is that a business plan is useful only for start-ups. While start-up companies are indeed one significant segment of business planners, business planning is being utilised by an increasing number of companies as a means to manage growth better, to ensure new ideas have [...]

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